Government Grant Money - Learn how the Grants process works and what money is available.The US Government intends to spend $476 billion dollars on grant programs in 2009. This is an increase from $387.3 billion in 2003. (Source: Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2008) Government grant programs operate at every level of government, and are funded by your tax dollars. Grants are available for eligible Americans in areas including health, housing, business, education, and others. The goal is to strengthen and stimulate the country, economy, and the American people.

Learn how you can access housing grants with our guide.Safe, affordable housing is a priority for every level of government. Housing grants are intended to assist homeowners, renters, and those who are homeless. Revitalizing preexisting homes, helping people become homeowners, assisting low income, seniors, and unemployed people to access adequate housing, and addressing the needs of the homeless are all priorities targeted by government housing grants. Can you benefit from a housing grant?

Want to go back to school but can't manage the tuition? Learn how you can access education grants with our resource.Central to the success of the American people and US economic productivity is an educated nation. Education grants are available to assist the education needs of the very youngest American children, to the oldest US citizens. Education grants address early childhood programs, low income students, minority students, gifted children, those with special needs, and others. Workforce training and retraining are also government priorities targeted by educational grant programs. 

Build your business with Government business grants. From small to large businesses there are funds waiting for you.The continuing success of America as a country rests largely on the growth and development of the American economy. Business grants are targeted at a variety of economic sectors in order to enhance productivity and prosperity. Small Business Grants are designed to help build, promote, and stimulate further economic expansion, and increase the representation of women, minority groups, and others in the workforce. In addition, business grants are targeted at rejuvenating urban communities, rural areas, and those areas negatively impacted by natural disasters.

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