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Able Grants Guide - Making Sense of The Government Grants Process.Your Internet guide to government grant programs!

The core goal of the Able Government Grant Seekers Resource is to make it easier for people to find government grant programs for which they may be eligible, along with the relevant contact information and application procedures required. Helping you find programs to apply for quickly and easily lets you spend the time applying for grants, not searching for them, and showing you exactly how to put together a winning proposal will allow you to capture the grant money you deserve!

The Resource contains a huge amount of information that will take you directly to the US grant programs you're looking for. These websites have been selected because they do not demand fees, provide the necessary information about grant programs and eligibility requirements, and are mostly operated by the various government departments that provide grants.

The reality is that government run websites and departments do not make the task of finding grant programs easy. In fact, it takes time, knowledge, and effort to access the information required to
successfully apply for grants. Our Resource makes this task easy, as we've spent the many, many hours required to find the information for you.

Understand that no one, including Able Grants, can guarantee that you will get a government grant. Only those government employees running grant programs can determine who will get a free government grant. Any person or website that states differently is not telling you the truth.

Don't get caught in the scam operators selling expensive grant 'kits' or 'programs' that guarantee you access to a government grant. Don't get tricked by the marketing scam that offers you a 'free grant proposal writing guide' with your expensive purchase.  We have it all here for you in one place for one great price.

The Government Grant Seekers Resource Guide is designed to be easily understood and user friendly. All resources are divided into the categories, in an effort to help the grant seeker easily target their search. With over 500 pages of resources, this guide is packed full of valuable information that can allow you to access free money today!

Government grant programs target all aspects of people, the economy, and education. Some examples of the kinds of grants available include:

  • Education Grants (including scholarship resources)

  • Federal Grants

  • State Grants

  • Pell grants

  • Research Grants

  • Small Business Grants for Women and Minorities

  • Grants to assist Farmers and the Agricultural sector

  • Business and Industry

  • Grants for Families

  • Grants for Children

  • Housing Grants

  • Low Income Grants

  • Grants for Persons with Disabilities

  • Minority Grants

  • Arts and Humanities Grants

  • Healthcare Grants and Funding

  • Grants for those in Retirement

  • Grants for Indians and Alaskan Natives

  • Veterans Grants

  • Grant Proposal Writing

The purchase price of $18.99 is charged so that we may continually update and expand the resource, and maintain the upkeep and hosting costs of this website. Save yourself days of time in your government grant search and get the right information the first time, for a fraction of the cost of the other guys!

The value is clear. What is your time worth?

It is our hope that grant seekers find the Able Grant Seekers Resource Guide extremely useful.  Again, this is packed full of over 500 pages of information that will kick your grant search into high gear!



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