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About the Able Grants team...

Our goal at Able Government Grants is to assist people in finding the grants and government funding that can help them improve the quality of their lives, businesses and families.

With years of experience in the field of fundraising and the pursuit of government grants, we understand and appreciate how complex accessing government funding can be. This is particularly true for the average individual with little or no experience in the grant funding process.

It is our belief that all American citizens have the right to equal access to those grant programs that their own tax dollars are used to fund. The US government's stated purpose is the same, and although they are making strides in making the government grant process more accessible to the average citizen, there still is a long way to go.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to apply for access to funds that may assist them with their personal, professional, and economic needs. The Able Grant Resource was designed in an effort to make it easier for the average American to find, understand and apply for government grants.

Our Internet Grant Resource is a work in progress. We are continually adding new programs we believe may be of interest to our readers, and hope that you will contact us at the email address below with any suggestions or comments you may have.

Email us: information@able-grants.com


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