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Business grants for small large and medium sized businesses.Business and small business grants are some of the hardest to come by. Great time, effort and patience is required in tracking down available grant funding that can be directed to an individual's business needs. There are numerous grants available for businesses; however, the process involved in finding them is very confusing and complex.

As with other government grants, business grant funding typically begins at the Federal level. Unlike other government grants, finding funding for your small business often involves finding the complex trail of dollars that leads from the Federal level, and ends up in a myriad of programs and initiatives distinct to a particular State's directives.

Many levels of the Federal government offer programs designed to assist businesses, including the Department
of Commerce, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, and others.

Government's at all levels tend to target particular industries at certain times. Currently, the technology, security, education and agriculture industries are all popular focuses of grant funding.

All those seeking business grants should be encouraged to 'think outside the box'. It is important not simply to contemplate that you're business needs x amount of dollars for it's growth or development, but other aspects of your business as well. What sort of programs can help you with your current needs, enabling you to direct more of the funds you already need at growth or expansion? An excellent example of this is employment. Accessing a grant that helps you employ or train people saves you money otherwise paid to employees, thus allowing you to direct those funds to other business areas.

Your search for business grants should start at the Federal government level, learning about the Federal Department's that offer business grant funding for which you may qualify. The next step is learning how your particular State or locality provides this funding to its residents. If you're business can help employ or train individuals, can help improve disadvantaged neighborhoods, can revitalize business development in your community, and so on, may determine if you can access business grants that will save you money.

Important in accessing business grants is your ability to prove how that grant will help your community and the economy. Outside of that, most business owners can take advantage of the myriad of low interest loan programs available, such as the Federally funding Small Business Loan Program.

The examples listed below demonstrate how 'indirect' funding can help you cut costs, thereby allowing you to target your business funds to your specific interests.

1) SBA Women's Business Center Grants

These business grants are designed to help small to medium sized businesses owner by women grow and develop. The goal of these grants is to get help more women own and run businesses.

2) Grants for Public Works and Economic Development Facilities

These grants are targeted to low income individuals and is designed to support those businesses that operate locally and encourage long term economic competitiveness. Communities in economic decline are encouraged to revitalize and expand their physical infrastructure and local economies.

3) Fishery, Utilization Research, Grants & Cooperative Agreements

This grant program assists in development projects that will have a benefit to both recreational and commercial fisheries and fishing communities. Business plan development is included in acceptable proposals.

4) Minority Business Development Centers

Those who fall into a category of minority and own their business are eligible for this program. It helps businesses across America with services including access to capital, and focuses on a goal of leveraging technology to increase business success.

5) Emergency Conservation Program for Agricultural Producers

Those who operate agriculture related businesses in areas hit by natural disaster can find financial aid to renew their businesses. This program enables the government to share the costs involved in rehabilitating land and water.

6) Environmental Quality Incentives Program

This program offers both technical and financial assistance to farmers and ranchers in order that they may address environment concerns impacting their property.

Many programs exists for faith-based and community initiatives, early childhood education providers, educators and researchers, veterans, persons with disabilities, and others, in terms of accessing funds for training and develop, community revitalization, education, and economic development. Think outside the box when you're looking for "small business grants".

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