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Education grants for college, university, adult education and more.Quality and affordable educational opportunities are a priority of the US government. There is an enormous amount of funding available to individuals and learning institutions at all levels. These programs are typically federally funded, but often run through various State governments and agencies.

Every area of education is targeted, from early childhood development, to undergraduate and graduate funding, to educational funding for retraining.

Low income and minority groups have access to a wealth of funding resources, delivered primarily at the State and local level. Different States often use educational grant monies to target their States unique education needs, and ethnic groups.

Those seeking education grants should begin their search at the State level, by visiting their States Department of Education website.

As a demonstration of the wide reach of education grant opportunities available, some examples of Federal education grant funding are listed below.

1) Adult Education State Grant Program

The Adult Education State Grant Program is intended for those individuals over the age of 15 who's highest grade completed is grade school. This program is a partnership between the Federal government and States, focusing on adult education and literacy.

2) Early Childhood Educator Professional Development

This program focuses on early childhood educators who work in low income areas, teaching primarily low income children.

3) Even Start: Migrant Education

This program is geared toward fisherman, migrant or seasonal farm workers who are parents of children under age eight, and includes adult literacy programs, early childhood education, and adult education.

4) Federal Pell Grants

Federal Pell Grants are aimed at providing undergraduate students in financial need meet the cost of postsecondary education.

5) Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need

This program targets graduate students by providing fellowships through academic departments and programs. Those eligible must demonstrate financial need and pursue research areas deemed in national need.

In addition to government grants for education, their also exists a wealth of scholarship funding for education. Academic institutions, individuals, corporations, States, and local sources all provide various types of scholarship funding. This money, like education grants, does not have to be repaid. Examples include those offered by corporations such as Burger King and General Motors, and others, including the Byrd Honors Scholarship, Benjamin Gilman Scholarship, and Barry M Goldwater Scholarship.

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