Housing Choice Voucher Programs  

Safe sanitary housing is something every American should have.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is operated at the Federal level by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The goal of the Housing Voucher program is to ensure that low income families have safe, sanitary housing.

Through this program, the government has helped 2 million low income families access safe, affordable housing. These families are required to spend 30% of their income towards housing, with the government paying the remainder.

Eligibility for this type of housing grant money requires the need for help in accessing safe, decent and affordable privately-owned rental housing, and meeting the criteria of 'low-income'.

There are several types of Housing Choice Vouchers. Each is briefly explained below.

Conversion Vouchers

This type of housing voucher is targeted to assist Public Housing Authorities address the relocation needs of individuals affected by the demolition, conversion, or disposition of public housing units. The Public Housing Authority (PHA) is responsible for contacting families who are residing in these units and are eligible for conversion vouchers.

Family Unification Vouchers

This type of housing grant is available to families whose ability to stay together with their children or possibility of reunification with their children is negatively impacted by a lack of safe, adequate housing. These vouchers aid families in leasing or purchasing safe, sanitary housing that is considered affordable in the private housing market. Families can access this type of housing grant by contacting their local PHA (Public Housing Authority).

Homeownership Vouchers

Those interested in purchasing their first home but cannot meet mortgage requirements can get help through this housing program. Not all Public Housing Authorities participate in this program, and in order to apply, you must contact your local PHA. Those families who qualify as an 'elderly household' or disabled families have no time limit for the duration they can participate in this program. Other families have a maximum term of 15 years. Eligibility requirements include income limits and other factors.

Project Based Vouchers

These vouchers enable a Public Housing Authority (PHA) to use up to 20% of its voucher assistance to those housing units slated to be reconstructed or rehabilitated. Units subsidized require at least $1000 worth of upgrades. Eligible families have already applied for housing choice vouchers and are on waiting lists, and can apply for this assistance to rent upgraded housing in a desired Public Housing Development.

Tenant Based Vouchers

This type of housing grant is designed to increase choice of housing for very low-income families so that they can access safe, affordable privately owned rental housing. Very-low income families are those with family incomes below 50% of the area's median income, or for specific cases, families with incomes under 80% of an area's median income. Individuals must apply through their local Public Housing Agency.

Vouchers for People with Disabilities

There are three types of housing vouchers specifically targeted to help people with disabilities.

1) Mainstream Vouchers

These are directed toward both elderly and non-elderly persons with disabilities

2) Designated Housing Vouchers

These vouchers target non-elderly families who are eligible for public housing although that housing is restricted to elderly families, and can demonstrate a need for resources suited to disabled living.

3) Certain Development Vouchers

This applied to non-elderly families that include a disable person and who do not receive housing assistance currently in housing developments where a preference is for elderly families.

Welfare to Work Vouchers

This type of housing voucher is designed to address the reality that moving from welfare to employment does not necessarily adequately address the continued problem of accessing affordable housing. This program made available 50,000 additional housing choice vouchers to address the need for housing in order to retain or obtain employment.

Housing Choice Vouchers represent only one faction of how the US Department of Housing and Urban Development offers grant funding to help address housing needs. Other programs include the Flexible Voucher Program, Family Self-Sufficiency Program, Section 8 Management Assessment, and many more.

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