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Find a grant today for your housing needs with the Able Grants Guide.The term housing grants encapsulates a variety of housing related issues. Buying a house, renting a home, buying a home to rent, upkeep of the home, and even housing utilities are all aspects that fall under 'housing'.

Housing is a priority for the government. Many grant programs exist to help people is all sorts of ways where housing is concerned. Government housing grant programs fall under several different government departments and initiatives. For example, the LIHEAP program is federally funded, but every State runs it's own LIHEAP program. State and local governments receive extensive funding from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, then use these monies to fund numerous programs in their individual States. Other departments fund other grant initiatives. For example, the Federal Emergency Management Program provides funds for housing needs following Presidential declared major disasters.

Those seeking various grants related to housing should understand that the government is not interested in giving you a new house for free, or providing you with the funds required to move from a middle class neighborhood to an upper class neighborhood.

Generally speaking, the government attempts to target those Americans who are living in substandard homes, who cannot afford to pay their rent, who live in unsafe homes or neighborhoods, and so on. Many programs exist to help homeless people. As well, housing safety is important, and grants exist to help eligible home owners address safety needs within homes, and even fix up and repair homes.

The overreaching theme of government housing grants is to ensure that all Americans have access to safe, affordable housing.

What types of housing grants exist?

Literally hundreds of programs targeted at homeowners and renters exist, from those at the Federal level to State housing grants. Some examples are listed below.

1) The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is a federally funded program. This program was created in acknowledgment of the fact that if an individual is unable to properly heat or cool their home, their home is not safe and their health may be at risk. Under the LIHEAP program, individuals can get energy bill payment assistance, energy crisis assistance, and get help with weatherization and energy-related home repairs. Learn more about LIHEAP low income grants.

2) Housing Choice Vouchers

This program enable low income earners to find a rental home and use a voucher to pay for part or all of the rent. Income limits apply. Read more about low income housing choice vouchers.

3) Rural Rental Assistance Programs

Run by the Department of Agriculture, these programs assist low income individuals with rent payments. Applicants must live in Rural Rental Housing (RRH), Rural Cooperative Housing (RCH) and Farm Labor Housing (LH) projects financed by the Rural Housing Service.

4) Rural Housing - Housing Repair Loans and Grants

These loans and grants are directed at very low-income homeowners in order that they may repair, upgrade, modernize, or improve their homes to protect against health and/or safety hazards. Read more about rural housing repair grants.

5) HUD Public Housing Program

This program is designed to assist low income earners find safe, sanitary rental housing at a cost they can afford.

6) Indian Housing Block Grants

These grants offer Federal assistance to Indian tribes in providing safe, affordable housing.

7) Disaster Housing Program

This program provides funds for those individuals whose homes have been damaged by Presidentially declared major disasters.

Those searching for housing grants of any type should focus on the State they live in when attempting to access government grants to help with any housing issues.

Find your housing grants today with the help of the Able Grants Guide.

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