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Improve and repair your home with Federal Government housing grants.The Rural Housing Repair and Rehabilitation Grants and Loans Program is directly funding by the US Federal Government. The goal is to help individuals living in rural areas make improvements or repairs to their home in order to reduce or remove health and safety hazards. In addition, repairs may be made to enable accessibility for a disabled person.

Rural housing grants are often funded through the US Department of Agriculture, and the Rural Housing Repair grants are no exception. The US Department of Agriculture paid out over $24 billion toward agriculture grants and rural development grants in 2004.

There are both grants and loans available under this program. Housing grants accessed through this program are a maximum amount of $7500, whereas loans can reach a maximum of $20000. Accessing these rural housing grants is limited to the very low-income rural Americans, who are age 62 or older. Very low-incomes are defined as under 50% of the area's median income range, as determined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

To qualify for these housing repair grants, an individual must be the occupant of their dwelling, and be unable to qualify for affordable credit elsewhere.

The grant funding amount is based on an individual's ability to repay, and it must be used in conjunction with the Housing Repair and Rehabilitation Loan. The terms of these loans are up to a maximum of $20000 for a period of 20 years, at 1% interest. A rural housing repair grant/loan combination is issued if the homeowner is able to repay some of the cost. This combination can enable people to access up to $27500 for housing repairs.

Loans and grants for housing repairs accessed under this program must effectively meet local codes and standards, including local sewage disposal and water systems regulations.

The US Department of Agriculture Rural Development Office provides many housing and other grant programs designed to meet the needs of rural Americans. An example of one such program is the Rural Rental Assistance Program that provides low-income rural residents with funds to help pay their monthly rent.

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